Hey all. Lately there has been a lot going on, if you know me, on the personal side. Another member of the community has also been fighting to get money raised for his autistic son in order to get a service dog. Those are what this article is about today. Those two causes (Links below for each).

My own personal cause – Bringing my grandson home – https://www.gofundme.com/returning-dorian-safely

My first grandchild was born earlier this year. Since then, my daughter had been dealing with a lot of issues, including mental abuse. We then found out her “significant other” was planning to kidnap my grandson and take off to, in his words, teach her a lesson. As family does, family pulled together supporting her for her first child, including in this situation. She left the state she was living in to return to the state where most our family lives. Since then, he has filed false accusations with the courts in an emergency hearing and taken custody from her with her out of state and not having the funds to be able to fight the emergency hearing. Since then, she now has an attorney but still owes $3000. All the evidence that will bring him home will be filed, but we must get the attorney fees covered to continue to fight this and bring my grandson home away from an environment that is very unhealthy mentally and physically for him.

Aside from the evidence that she left the state for their mental and physical safety, proof he was planning to kidnap him before she left (which is part of why she left), but since taking him there is also a lot of concern for my grandson’s health. There are pictures of them living in filth and my grandson has already started getting sick because of it. He was below weight for his age and not eating well until she got away from there. He started eating much better, putting on weight, and became, as any baby should be, an absolute source of sunshine, smiles, and laughter where he had not been before because of the environment he was in.

Here is the link for the fundraising to try to help with attorney fees. Right now there is $250 a week that must be paid to the attorney (on top of her court ordered support and the travel expenses to travel from the midwest to the east coast for visitation each week). We do not ask for much. Even if the only help you can give is sharing her fund raiser with others on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms then that is awesome. Any help, even just sharing, is a lot at this point.

Her Page – https://www.gofundme.com/returning-dorian-safely

5 Year Old Autistic Boy Needs a Service Dog – https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/isaacsdog

A member of the Kodi community who has given to the community for a long time, and a great deal, is in dire need of help as well. His son has high functioning autism and is also diabetic. He is just five years old and due to his conditions it is hard for him to communicate when help may be needed on top of everything else.

His father is trying to raise the money for a service dog to not only help Isaac when he needs comforting or calming, but also to alert adults when there may be an issue. Due to his type 1 diabetes he needs insulin shots on a regular basis and has his blood checked often to keep tabs on his levels. That also means there is a risk of hypi and hypo comas if his levels get too far out before others are aware. With his age and autism he may not be able to tell anyone when there are problems and adults may not see them before it is too late between checks. That is where the service dog comes in. They can detect when this starts to happen, before it is too bad and can be helped with his regular medicine. They have had to spend, in my own opinion, far too much time at the hospitals with him. This will help him emotionally and physically.

Below are the links to the two fund raising pages set up to try to raise the 10,000 needed for the service dog where they live. Again, even if all you can do to help is share this out to all your social media pages then that is greatly appreciated. Help us help them and spread the word to try get the service dog Isaac needs.