The Media Box Wizard and APK Install Wizard are getting another round of updated APKs this morning. Below is a current list, but more may be coming over the next day or so, ya never know with me.

  • 03/10/2018
    • Animania
    • Crunchyroll v2.1.10
    • DisneyNOW v4.2.2.177
    • Dramania
    • FreeFlix HQ v3.0.3
    • Mangania
    • Popcorn Time v3.0.3 Build Update
    • TeaTV v5.7r
    • Terrarium TV v1.94 – Add Free and Firestick
    • Terrarium TV v1.94
    • Toonmania
    • TVZion v17 (or 1.7, their website version listing is odd)
    • APKPure Market v2.7.3
    • Blokada v3.0.0
    • CetusPlay Remote v3.6.8.1
    • Google Chrome v64.0.3282.137
    • MX Player v1.9.17
    • VLC Player v3.0.1

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