Hey everyone! I have released a new addon for Kodi called Fitness Zone.

This addon is packed with a lot of content for those looking for Workout programs, stretching, yoga, body building, or toning up. Below is a list of the main menu’s content to give you an idea of what all you can find in Fitness Zone. If you have a specific trainer or workout style you would like us to try to find and add for you, please let us know! All the content is pulled directly from YouTube using a new menu system I wrote which allows me to add more content on the fly without having to push out addon updates for new channels, videos, and lists.

List of initial content:

  • Fitness Channels
  • Kettlebell Workouts
  • Back Workouts
  • Bicep Workouts
  • Cardio  Workouts
  • Chest and Shoulders Workouts
  • General Workout Videos
  • Legs, Bum, and Tum Workouts
  • Tricep Workouts
  • Total Body  Workouts
  • Sculpting/Toning  Workouts
  • Yoga Channels
  • Billy Banks Trainer Videos and Playlists
  • Darabee Trainer Videos and Playlists
  • Jillian Michaels Videos and Playlists
  • Shaun T Videos and Playlists

Intro Video: