Hello everyone! We are pushing out a small update to the Skin for our Tantrum.TV Build. When you get it, your screen will blank out for a second while it installs it. That is normal, so don’t worry.

The skin update will add a new menu called “Android Apps” to your left to right menu right between Tantrum and System. This will allow you to launch a few new streaming applications (like Kodi) that uses different streams and offer live tv streams and video on demand. Below is a breakdown of the applications in the menu.

  1. IPVanish VPN – This is for people who subscribe to the IPVanish VPN service, to give them quick access to changing their IP and signing in.
  2. Live NetTV – Live TV Streams from around the world
  3. Mobdro – Live TV Streams from around the world
  4. Snappy Streamz – Live TV Streams from around the world
  5. Terrarium TV – TV Show and Movies on Demand
  6. Quick Support – Teamviewer screen sharing application to help someone, like me, troubleshoot issues you may be having by seeing your screen. You have to provide information it gives to me before I can try to connect, and even then you have to select to approve the connection. Only allows screen sharing, no interaction occurs.